‘Musharraf siphoned millions from US war on terror fund’: Zardari

‘Musharraf siphoned millions from US war on terror fund’
* PPP co-chairman says swindling to form part of impeachment charge sheet
* Accuses Musharraf of sabotaging economy, democracy, fomenting conflict in Balochistan, Tribal Areas
* Says those who killed Benazir Bhutto want to kill him too
Daily Times, August 11, 2008

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Co-chairman Asif Zardari has accused President Pervez Musharraf of misappropriating millions of dollars of United States aid given to Pakistan for supporting the war on terror.

Zardari made the charge in an interview published in The Sunday Times on Sunday.

“Our grand old Musharraf has not been passing on all the $1 billion a year that the Americans have been giving for the armed forces,” he claimed. “The army has been getting $250m-$300m reimbursement for what they do, but where’s the rest? They claim it’s been going in budget support but that’s not the answer. We’re talking about $700m a year missing. The rest has been taken by Musharraf for some scheme or other and we’ve got to find it,” Zardari said.

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Anonymous said…
to me it looks like we r clearly heading back towards the failed decade of the 90's...or maybe even worse(hope not) as far as the politcal situation goes. although im a freedom loving person and hate controls, i think in pakistan's case a 30 or more years transition to democracy is probably the only way to go about it. if u look at china and russia, they r moving towards democracy at their own pace and that is why they r stable and progressing. stability is the key factor and pakistan gets shaken every few years because we start running, jumping and taking huge leaps before we even learn how to walk.

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