Kurram Agency Massacres

Over 100 killed in Kurram Agency in last week
Staff Report, Daily Times, August 14, 2008

SADDA: Over 100 people have been killed and 105 injured in fighting between the Toori and Bangash tribes during the last week, residents and officials said on Wednesday.

According to reports on Wednesday, the Bangash tribesmen have claimed the capture of two Toori villages, Char Diwaar and Jailamatay.

“The government has failed to control the situation causing the people to panic,” residents said. “We have started migrating to safe places.”

The fighting has spread to central Kurram, Para Chamkani, Karman, Badama and Baghki, and Piyowar and Trimangal areas in upper Kurram.

The injured belonging to the Bangash tribe are stuck in Makhazai and Binyameen villages and are likely to die if not hospitalised soon. The political administration has failed to broker a ceasefire between the two groups. The Kurram tribal district is facing sectarian violence since last year and the presence of Taliban has worsened the situation.

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