Burying Women Alive in Baluchistan

‘Burying women alive for honour is tribal tradition’* Baloch senator Israrullah Zehri says members should not politicise issue
Daily Times, August 30, 2008

ISLAMABAD: The killing of women for honour is a demand of the tribal traditions, Balochistan Senator Israrullah Zehri informed the Senate on Friday.

Zehri was responding to Senator Yasmeen Shah’s statement in which she had drawn the House’s attention towards reports that five women had been buried alive in Balochistan in the name of honour. She called it a sheer violation of human rights.

Zehri asked the members not to politicise the issue, as it was a matter of safeguarding the tribal traditions.

Leader of the Opposition in Senate Kamil Ali Agha condemned the killing of women in the name of honour and demanded the issue should be referred to the Human Rights Standing Committee of the House.

Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid Senator Nisar Memon drew the attention of the Senate to a research article written by Michael Chossugovsky published in “Global Research of Canada”. He said that the article warns how some foreign elements were planning economic, political and military disruptions to declare Pakistan a failed state.

Memon said the article stated how certain foreign powers were first planning to create chaos in the country through economic crisis followed by an unprecedented price-hike, and an eventual intervention of the International Monetary Fund in the economic affairs of the country.

“The ultimate objective of all these conspiracy theories is a territorial break-up and dismemberment of the country,” Memon warned.

A disintegration of the country on racial and linguistic lines would be another tool against the country, followed by a military disruption similar to that of Yugoslavia, Memon feared.

Senate Chairman Jan Muhammad Jamali said that it was a serious matter and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani should brief the House on national security and territorial and strategic threats faced by the nation.

Leader of the House Raza Rabbani said the government would not allow anyone to harm the integrity of Pakistan. tahir niaz

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Anonymous said…
What insanity... a tribal custom that allows women who speak out to be murdered.

There's absolutely no excuse for
treating any human being in this manner. Not religion, not tribal custom, not gender. It's just about control. NOTHING justifies this sort of behaviour EVER.

Men of Pakistan - your behaviour is backward and inhuman. Start treating your women as equals. DISGUSTING.

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