Barack Obama Vows to Support Democracy in Pakistan

Obama vows to help Pakistan democracy
By Anwar Iqbal, Dawn, August 12, 2008

WASHINGTON, Aug 11: US presidential hopeful Barack Obama has assured Pakistan that his government would continue to support a democratic set-up in Islamabad.

“As the Pakistani people work to perfect their democracy, they have an important ally in the United States,” said Mr Obama in a message released ahead of the Pakistan Independence Day.

“That’s why I have co-sponsored legislation tripling non-military aid to the Pakistani people and sustaining it for a decade,” he said.

Senator Obama voted for a $15 billion aid package late last month which seeks to triple US economic assistance to Pakistan but places some restrictions on the military aid.

“The US can support the building of a strong Pakistani democracy that will be a partner in protecting freedom, countering extremism and promoting tolerance in Pakistan and the entire world. Our peace and security require no less of us,” said the Democratic presidential hopeful.

“America’s relationship with Pakistan and the Pakistani people is one of the most important relationships we have as we confront the challenges of the 21st century.”

Mr Obama said that the vast majority of Pakistan’s people shared hopes and dreams that were similar to Americans’.

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