Rally directs anger at Musharraf: BBC

Rally directs anger at Musharraf
BBC, June 14, 2008

Lawyers hold a rally in front of Islamabad's presidential palace

Pakistani ex-PM Nawaz Sharif has denounced President Pervez Musharraf at a rally demanding the restoration of an independent judiciary.

Arriving during the night at the protest in Islamabad, he told thousands of lawyers and activists that Mr Musharraf must be held "accountable".

President Musharraf sacked the chief justice and about 60 other judges last November under emergency rule.

Hundreds of buses brought protesters close to parliament in the capital.

They arrived at 0200 on Saturday (2000 GMT Friday) and crowds have been milling close to the floodlit building to hear speeches by Mr Sharif and others.

'Hang Musharraf'

Mr Sharif, who is in the new coalition government, has pulled his ministers out of the cabinet in protest at the government's failure to keep its promise to restore them to office.

Parliament must now respect the sentiments of people, the people have spoken and they want the restoration of the judges
Lawyers' leader Aitzaz Ahsan

On Saturday, he turned his anger towards Mr Musharraf as some in the crowd, numbering at least 15,000, chanted "Hang Musharraf!".

"Listen Pervez Musharraf," he said in his speech.

"The nation has given its verdict against you. Listen Musharraf to what the nation is saying and what the nation is demanding."

"Now people have given a new judgement for you... they want you to be held accountable," he added.

Barricades have been set up around the presidency and parliament buildings and extra security forces brought into the capital.

The BBC's Barbara Plett in Islamabad says the authorities are nervous about potential violence.

But neither side wants trouble, our correspondent says.

The convoy travelled from the city of Lahore on the last leg of the nationwide protest.

The "long march" - as it has been dubbed - has passed through different towns and cities on its way to the capital.

Protesters were showered with rose petals as they passed through the city of Jhelum en route to Rawalpindi and the capital.


Anonymous said…
judiciary will never be restored can all these lawyers just get it. peoples party dominated parliament and prime minister can do it just through an order but it will never happen because they don't want it. constitutional package IS A DRAMA. IF SOMEBODY BREAKS TRAFFIC SIGNAL YOU DON'T NEED TO CHANGE TRAFFIC LAW TO FIX IT.

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