Zardari Vs. Musharraf

Highlights of Zardari’s interview
Daily Times, May 23, 2008

* Musharraf is a ‘relic of the past’

* People want Musharraf out of power

* Doffing uniform does not make Musharraf legal president

* Proposed constitutional reforms will curtail president’s powers including 58 (2b)

* Coalition in politics is a selfish phenomenon

* ‘I’d rather go now than take all the difficult decisions and go after 15 months or two years’

* India should reduce army deployment in IHK

* Pakistan can be a ‘force-multiplier’ for India

* ‘I can feed India and the world’

* PPP and PML-N want to do away with visa restrictions for India

* ‘I’ve requested India to help us with request to UN for Benazir Bhutto’s assassination probe’


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