Pakistan needs to have very solid civilian control over army: Rice

Pakistan needs to have very solid civilian control over army: Rice
* US secretary of State says newly elected government presents strategic new opportunity for ally in war against terrorism
Daily Times Monitor, April 16, 2008

LAHORE: Pakistan needs to find a way to gain a very solid civilian control of its armed forces, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has said.

Accepting the first honorary doctorate conferred by the United States Air Force in a ceremony in her home state of Alabama, she said that the US needed to engage all the institutions of Pakistan. She said the US planned to engage the Government of Pakistan as it would engage any other democratic government, and would support its efforts to strengthen democratic institutions and reconcile with its neighbouring countries in South and Central Asia.

New govt: Referring to the newly elected government, she said it presented a new strategic opportunity for an ally in the war on terror. The US believes in defeating terrorism by dealing with the conditions that produce terrorists, she said, adding that President George Bush believed that a transition to democracy was vital to defeating terrorism in the long-term.

Rice said that Pakistan had been an ally in the war against terror since the events of 9/11, 2001. This, she said, had necessitated a strong programme of military assistance and co-operation. “Our engagement, however, has always been multidimensional. Since 2005, America has invested $300 million each year to help the Pakistani people by supporting health programmes, educational reform, as well as the building of civil society,” she added. The secretary of State said that successful US engagement with a democratic Pakistan was vital to the US’ national security and to the lasting success of South and Central Asia.


Anonymous said…
Punjabi Policeman to Rule Karachi one more time.
IG Sindh comes from Punjab to rule Sindh, What does he cares about the well being of Sindh or Karachi? Like most of the Karachi's Police Force is "imported" from Punjab. So what do they care about Karachi? We do not see any Non_Punjabi Police in Punjab or not many non Pakhtoon in Peshawar. "Jul Karachi tay Mugh Kamayeen" Jiye Zardari
Anonymous said…
Ms. Rice, If Chenney Bush are allowed to have one or two more terms, then we may have same situation as in Pakistan. United States will be another banana republic playing in the Indian and Chinese hands. This is the first time in the history of US, that recently retired US generals started to critisise the Bush policies. It never happened before.
McCain Rice will be the extention of Bush Cheeny's 3rd term, God forbid.

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