US Uneasy with Pakistan's New Direction: NPR

All Things Considered, NPR - March 26, 2008
Jackie Northam talks to Hassan Abbas, Karl Inderfurth, Michael Scheurer

To listen, click here

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I totaly agree with Sharif's statement made in Urdu "Aaj ko Shaher Qasaba Mahfooz nahin hay" Today there is no town, no city is in safe in Pakistan.
But Mr. Sharif Who, but your mentor "Mard e Haq Zia Ul Haq was behind creation of this monster and it was florished under whose regime. Whose regime recognized it along with your protectors, the Saudi Clan occupier of the Two Holiest Islamic sites. Ms Bhutto is another one who is also time to time reffered as mother of Talibans.
Under who's regime The ASS(Anuman Sipah e Sahaba) was created?

You may be having amnesia, but not every one.

Can Sharif Answer these simple questions?

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