A Banned Terror Group Holds a Public Rally!

SSP holds first major public rally in 8 years
* Announces jihad against Denmark
By Fareed Farooqui, Daily Times, March 1, 2008

KARACHI: The banned Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) drew several hundred supporters near its headquarters as it denounced the blasphemous caricatures of the holy Prophet (PBUH) published in some Danish newspapers, and declared jihad against Denmark and the West if they continued to insult Islam.

It was the fist major public rally by the SSP since it was banned in 2001. The SSP’s protest took place after Friday prayers at the SSP headquarters at Masjid-e-Siddique Akbar, Nagan Chowrangi.

Maulana Abdul Ghaffur Nadeem, the SSP’s central leader, who has been to jail on sectarian charges, led the rally, and said Denmark, Germany and other western countries should desist from insulting Islam otherwise a jihad would be waged against them. “We shall wreak havoc upon western countries with the power of jihad,” he told a 2,000-strong crowd, which included madrassa students, religio-political party workers, and members of banned organisations.

Maulana Aurangzeb Farooqui, the party’s Sindh leader, said Denmark was continuously publishing insulting caricatures that forced Muslims to think about waging jihad against it. “No one can save Denmark if the Muslim world is ready for jihad,” he said, amid religious slogans from the crowd. According to Islam, said Ilyas Zubair, the SSP Karachi president, those who insult the holy Prophet (PBUH) should be punished by death. “No Muslim can compromise on this. If western countries do not desist from these insults, then the history of Ghazi Alamdin, Ghazi Haq Nawaz, and Ghazi Amir Cheema will be repeated,” he said. Qari Shafiqur Rehman, the SSP Karachi information secretary, proposed a resolution asking Islamic countries to sever relations with Denmark and boycott its products.


Anonymous said…
This group was previously known by the acromym ASS, until those Dum Butts realized the real meaning of the word. I still call them Anjuman Sipha Sahaba or ASS. The ASS is financed by The Great Satan of our time. The Royal Saudi Family and thier Wahabi Destruction and Terroist machine.

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