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Anonymous said…
Chauri Saab,
Aeek Sawal ye hay ke Adliya ke bahal hoohe ke baad, kia aap azad adalia se Bhutto Zardari Sharif wagera wagaera ke un ke daur ki bad unwaniyoon ka bara meen tafteesh karayeen ge, Ta ke dooodh ka doodh, pani ka pani alag ho jaye.

In English:
After the independent judiciary is restored, are you going to re-open Bhutto Zardari Sharif etc corruption cases to be investigaed by the "Real Independent Judiciary"? So that the real truth about alleged corruption comes to light, and those found guilty will face the "Indepent Justice". Those found innocent will be off the hook. For ever.
Pakistani Dream said…
What dou you say about the above posting. This question was never raised by the Pakistani and foreign media. Talks is cheap so some action chauri saab, Get the corrupt culprit to the justice as you claims to be the man of indepenent judiciary.
I will ask the same in a few months time.
Pakistani Dream said…
Pakistan The Undoing of Benazir
(2 of 2)

Even then, the government could still have performed if Bhutto had chosen her Cabinet well. But she has shown little ability to pick talented -- not to say honest -- ministers. Important decisions often catch Bhutto by surprise, like Interior Minister Aitzaz Ahsan's move to harass and expel Christina Lamb, a British correspondent who wrote a controversial story about army officers plotting a coup that was embarrassing to the minister. Corruption scandals hit the papers almost daily, but Bhutto insists that the reports are mainly opposition propaganda, especially the attacks on her family. But one of her closest advisers is worried that the allegations are starting to stick. Says he: "If anything takes us down, it will be this perception of corruption and indecision.",9171,969271-2,00.html
Pakistani Dream said…
Parliamentary Secretary criticizes Aitzaz Ahsan
By Saad Ahmed

ISLAMABAD—Parliamentary Secretary for Economic AffairsDivision and a leader of Pakistan Muslim League, Sheikh Waqas Akram, Wednesday questioned Ch. Aitzaz Ahsan’s professed commitment to upholding the honour of judiciary and freedom of the press.
Addressing a press conference here, the young politician from Jhang saidthat Aitzaz Ahsan had become a ‘two-in-one’ personality by politicizing thejudicial matters.
“This is the same Aitzaz who was expelled from Tehreek-e-Istaqlal by hisparty on December 16, 1985 on the charges of self-promotion and self-projection,” the Parliamentary Secretary said.
“This is the same politician who appointed 20 workers of his party asjudges when he was Federal Minister for Law. Those judges were later dismissedby the judiciary as most of those had never appeared before the court,” hesaid and added that those also included Ahmed Saeed Awan who was a convict in a murder case. “Why he did not resign when a criminal was made judge?” Waqas Akram asked.
The Parliamentary Secretary said the court slashed those appointmentsand gave a 350 page decision. He asked as to why Aitzaz Ahsan had not resigned in protest when PPP chairperson publicly said that she wanted to appoint her party’s Secretary General as Chief Justice of Supreme Court.
Waqas Akram and said he was questioning the so-called “custodian of thejudiciary” who had questioned all the young MPs of the parliament terming them ‘under-19 politicians’.
“We are proud to be young politicians as we have no bleak past as Mr.Aitzaz does,” he said.
Waqas Akram referred to a report in ‘Sikh Times’ alleging involvement in handing over the lists of Sikh freedom fighters to Indian authorities when Aitzaz Ahsan was Interior Minister and demanded an answer.
He said the daily Nawa-i-Waqt had reported that Aitzaz Ahsan resignedfrom PPP in 1977 when Bhutto regime was facing a difficult time due to the PNA movement.
“The nation remembers that this is the same person who when he was Interior Minister, was involved in harassing and deporting a women journalist named Christina Lamb,” Waqas Akram said and added that why this worthy lawyer has not answered the allegations leveled against him by the renowned journalist Christina Lamb in her book, ‘Waiting for Allah- Struggle for Democracy’. Sheikh Waqas said that he suspected Aitzaz Ahsan’s complicity in attackon the office of Senator Dr. Khalid Ranjha as he had in the past “attacked the office of the then Chief Justice Lahore High Court Rashid Aziz Khan.”

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