For "Nuclear Umbrella" - Gulf Arab Nations look to the US, Pakistan and Israel

Arabs to seek ‘umbrella’ if Iran builds bomb
Dawn, February 13, 2008

LONDON, Feb 12: Gulf states believe Israel will destroy Iran’s nuclear programme rather than allow it to acquire an atomic bomb, an adviser to the Kuwaiti government and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) said on Tuesday.

If Iran did build the bomb, said adviser Sami Alfaraj, then Israel might be one of the countries along with the US and Pakistan, Gulf Arab nations would ask to provide a “nuclear umbrella” to guarantee their security.

Alfaraj, president of the Kuwait Centre for Strategic Studies, said Israel might bomb Iranian nuclear facilities in the same way it destroyed Iraq’s main atomic reactor at Osirak with a military strike in 1981.

“I believe in something on the same Iraqi model...We are assuming in the Gulf that Israel will take it out. We are not saying that, but Israel would,” Alfaraj said.


Anonymous said…
Sami/Samuel Alfaraj has always tried to open the door of the Gulf for Israel to enter.

How stupid one should be to suggest that Iran may use an Autom Bomb against Kuwait or UAE etc while GCC is currently hosting several hundered thousand Iranians residents ?? What about radition in South of Iran or South of Iraq with millions of Shiites or Stupid Samuel !!!
Anonymous said…
Al Arabi Ma Fi Muq = The Arab without brain

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