All Deals are OFF - Asif Zardari: Bold Stance

All deals enabling BB’s return stand nullified: Zardari
* PPP co-chairman not ruling out his candidature for prime minister
Daily Times, February 9, 2008

WASHINGTON: Asif Ali Zardari told Voice of America on Friday that former premier Benazir Bhutto returned to Pakistan as a result of international agreements, but after her murder, all such agreements stand nullified. The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) co-chairman did not say what those agreements were and with whom. He regretted that those who had brokered the agreements were not backing his demand for a United Nations investigation into his wife’s murder. To a question about Dr AQ Khan, he said it is the present government that had treated him the way he had been treated and that Khan was not provided with an opportunity to defend himself. He said, “It is the people of Pakistan, not his party, that will decide the fate of Dr Khan.” Zardari’s statement is a virtual recantation of Benazir’s offer during two speeches in Washington on her last visit to the US that she would provide the UN nuclear watchdog with access to Dr Khan. About the new army chief, Zardari said his initial statements were to be welcomed but only time would show as to what extent he would abide by them. Separately, he told The Daily Telegraph that a victory for his party in the February 18 elections would be Benazir’s greatest legacy.

PM candidate: He also didn’t rule himself out as a future candidate for Pakistan’s premiership. He told the newspaper the PPP would restore democracy in the country in the name of Benazir. khalid hasan


GM Syed said…
Benazir was killed by Musharraf / ISI / Military / Pervez Elahi combine. Reason: Benazir returned to Pakistan after some agreement with Musharraf. The moment she landed in Pakistan, she got a rousing reception. She had 2nd thoughts. She sensed the fact that Musharraf was a sinking ship, and the deal she did with Musharraf was in the long term a loss deal. So she started alienating herself from Musharraf. Musharraf got the message, and decided to eliminate Benazir. He knew that people would make a noise for 1 or 2 months, and then forget Benazir. Afterall public memory is short. To eliminate Benazir's memory from public perception, Musharraf generated the artificial shortage of food - so that people forget Benazir and Bhutto temporararily. MQM was started by Criminal Zia Ul Haq to weaken Bhutto's base in Sindh.

All this boils down to one thing. Punjab does not accept Bhutto Family inspite of its sacrifices. NWFP will go to Afghanistan or Pakhtunkha. Baluchistan would become a separarte country. Sind becomes Sindhu Desh. (Sooner the better)

What is left then ? Landlocked Punjabistan. Parvez Elahi should not forget that Lahore was once the Capital of Maharaja Ranjit Singh's Kingdom.
Lal Krishna Advani said…
gm syed should be sent to Arbistan the land of his ancestor, Sind is for sindis. Lal Krishna will be oor next kingo not gm syed from Arabistan.

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