Introducing Three New Excellent Blogs on Pakistan

Watandost encourages its readers to visit these three new blogs:

Pak Tea House is a little corner in the blogosphere that will endeavour to revive the culture of debate, pluralism and tolerance. It has no pretensions nor illusions but the motivation of a few people who want to see Pakistan a better place - where ideas need to counter the forces of commercialism, adverse effects of globalisation and extremism. And, ideas must translate into action that leads us to an equitable, just and healthy society.

2. The Pakistan Policy Blog
The Pakistan Policy Blog provides a regular, critical perspective on Pakistan’s domestic and foreign affairs. Its principal goals are to stimulate discourse on policies furthering a prosperous, progressive, and secure Pakistan, and bridge the gap between the U.S. and Pakistani policy communities. The site is run by Arif Rafiq, a policy and communications consultant, based in New York. He is author of the upcoming independent report, “Pakistan: The Way Forward.”

3. The Insider Brief
The Insider Brief is a blog that provides an insider’s view to Pakistan with critical intelligence, analysis and commentary. By disseminating in-depth and insightful analysis, the blog seeks to enable policy makers — both within and without Pakistan — to make informed decisions about a country that is vital to regional and global security. The site is run by Shaan Akbar, a New York-based financial analyst.


Raza Rumi said…
Hassan Bhai
many thanks for this intro and also being a part of the PTH

cheers, RR

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