Standoff brews in Pakistan: CNN

Standoff brews in Pakistan
CNN International: November 7, 2007
A former official of both Pakistani leaders discusses what could be expected as the two rivals face off.
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Mandela and Carter condemn emergency rule
Reuters; November 9, 2007
JOHANNESBURG: A group of former world leaders including Nelson Mandela and Jimmy Carter has denounced General Pervez Musharraf for imposing emergency rule and suspending the Constitution. “These illegal acts have resulted in abuse and incarceration of judges, lawyers, human rights activists, journalists and other moderate and democratic opposition forces,” the group called the Elders said in a statement on Thursday. “The Elders support all freedom-loving Pakistanis who have chosen to join in peaceful expressions of opposition to these dictatorial acts and call upon political leaders throughout the world to insist on a return to a lawful government,” it said. The Elders group, formed last year, includes over a dozen Nobel laureates and former world leaders. reuters

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People like in People's Party have short memory.

This is Ny times follow the links to Bhutto's fortune.

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