The Role of the Pakistani Military: NPR

The Role of the Pakistani Military
by Liane Hansen

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Weekend Edition Sunday, November 11, 2007 · Hassan Abbas, a former Pakistani government official, talks about the continuing state of emergency in Pakistan and its effects on the political force of the Pakistani military.


Hasan another short memory.
Bhutto father was indeed the one who slit Pakistan. Who rather wanted to be the top dog of West Pakistan. Indeed he was he one self proclaimed "beacon of democrazy" who died Mujib of the East Pakisatan because Z.A's "Big Ego" Any comments? Honest one not the one who served "Muhtarma".
Anonymous said…
Is there any proof of Musharf as a corrupt rulere, almost all Pakistan will say No. Ask any one in Pakistan about Bhutto Shariff. Almost every one will say YES.

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