Musharraf Rejects US Troops Offer

Musharraf rejects Centcom chief’s offer of troops
* President tells Fallon only Pakistani troops will operate inside country
Daily Times, November 3, 2007

ISLAMABAD: The US Central Command (Centcom) chief Admiral William J Fallon on Friday offered the US forces’ assistance in fighting Taliban elements in the Tribal Areas and Swat to President General Pervez Musharraf, but Musharraf rejected the offer, saying only Pakistani troops would be allowed to conduct operations inside the country, Online reported quoting its sources.

Talking to Fallon who called on him at Camp Office in Rawalpindi, Musharraf said that Pakistan Army was well equipped to meet the challenge. He said the presence of US forces in Pakistan would not be liked by the people. He said that US assistance in the elimination of terrorism from the Tribal Areas should remain confined to only intelligence sharing and technical assistance.

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