Who Tried to Kill Benazir Bhutto?

NECN: October 18, 2007
NECN's Prat Thakkar sits down with Hassan Abbas, a past aide to Pakistan's former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Mr. Abbas talks about the deadly bombing in Pakistan, and the political implications of the attack. The bombing Thursday occurred during the return of the former P.M. Bhutto to Pakistan after 8 years in exile.


Anonymous said…
What People of Karachi saying:
The cost of Bhutto Party
Money spent 80 Karorr Rupees (800,000,000=USD 40,000,000,000.00)
Just for banners, trucks, rent a croud.)
Lost lives priceless, but who cares. Bhutto probably not.
There was one instance where someone hurt saying on tv: "Sain hum ko to pata bhi nahin, us ne to boola tha ke paisa deyingaa. This clip has then being pulled back.

People Party orchrasted this to gain sympathy.

Why it took from 1:30 PM to almost midnight to drive from Airport to Karsaz. A distance of few miles.

Which foreign agents/security gards/Special forces were travelling with her?
Haris said…

When was the last time you went to Pakistan and checked the pulse of the people?
nota said…
Hassan, you seem to be trying hard to become an expert/analyst for Fox News. You publish a poll that finds Mush and Nawaz are equal in popularity. Nawaz might be at 21% but I doubt Mush is anywhere above 10%. Then you feature Najam Sethi's crap whos is desperately trying to sell us the NRO. Today he says "The NRO has already become irrelevant. It doesn’t matter whether the Supreme Court throws it out or not. Ms Bhutto will say she has been proved innocent in the court of the people which matters more." Yesterday it was "people against the NRO are the ones suffering from middle-class morality." Earlier you claimed Pakistan was in big trouble just because of the blast of the PPP rally.

I agree Pakistan is in trouble but only because it produces "scholars" like you who sit in and around D.C. and claim to know every thing going on in the tribal areas half a world away. Pakistan is in trouble because it's media is in the hands to sycophants like Sethi who have never seen a military dictator they have not liked.
Silent Majority said…
Hasan, What is the cost of this whole debacle? Who footed the bill? and is this appropriate to spend that kind of money. After all said and done, The Govt of Sind is paying return ticket to the rented croud from intreior Sind. Aap ki Bahan aap ko roti kapre ka waada to karti hay, par khelaati sifar bhoosi tukree. Forget kapra, Makaan? Not in this life time.

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