Musharraf won 56% of the Vote in Presidential Election

Musharraf Wins Vote, but Court Will Have Final Say
By CARLOTTA GALL: New York Times, October 6, 2007

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, Oct. 6 — President Pervez Musharraf easily won the presidential election today, but an opposition boycott and pending hearings in the Supreme Court, which still has to decide on his eligibility to stand for election in uniform, left him with an incomplete victory.

The vote, by national and provincial assemblies, ended up as a one-man race after other candidates withdrew. All opposition parties refused to take part and only legislators from the ruling coalition, plus a few independents voted.

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Pakistan's election reckoning
How Saturday's poll could determine the fate of Musharraf, Bhutto -- and bin Laden. By Husain Haqqani;

Oct. 06, 2007 | There is nothing normal about the presidential election taking place Oct. 6 in Pakistan. Legal challenges, street protests, political deals and international maneuvers have preceded the vote and will most likely continue as Gen. Pervez Musharraf tries desperately to legitimize his power. Pakistan's status as a critical country in the war against terrorism, and the presumed base of a resurgent al-Qaida makes Pakistan's domestic developments important beyond its borders.

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Anonymous said…
WHo is Hussain Haqqani, Another Pakistan Kleptocrat who happens to be the Chamcah of the Govt of time. Any Kleptocratic person is a welcome guest at any given time by any given American/European endowment etc.

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