A Leading Pakistani Journalist to Host VOA's New Program

VOA announces "AAJ SHAAM" Urdu program
Despardes.com, October 12, 2007

OCT 11 - Buoyed by the recent successes of its Urdu TV and radio programs such as Radio Aap Ki Dunya, Khabron Seh Aagey and Round Table Talk - all being Pakistan specific, the US government's worldwide service Voice Of America (VOA) has announced yet another foray into its worldwide programs called "AAJ SHAAM".

To be anchored five days a week by VOA's senior Urdu correspondent Murtaza Solangi, the hour long news and current affairs radio program will be aired daily from Washington DC starting Monday October 15 on its Urdu service.

The program will be heard in Pakistan from 8 to 9pm local time daily on Medium Wave 972 and 1539 kilohertz. A toll-free phone number (0800-777-89) will enable listeners in Pakistan to call Washington and express their opinion live.

AAJ SHAAM's first major engagement will debut with the arrival in Karachi on October 18 of the self-exiled twice-elected former premier Benazir Bhutto. Besides VOA, other major international news and TV media are expected to cover her home coming.

At a time when Pakistan is going through major political developments, VOA expects that the latest program will reach a wide audience, particularly in the rural areas where people listen to radio because of the absence of TV.

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Anonymous said…
is this same as Voice of Bush?
By the way VOA cannot be heard in the USA
Ashraf said…
aslam-o-alekum iam ashraf solangi from sindh
am as news camera man in sindh tv
am meet with u in thar express train
congratulation for start NEW PROGARAM 'AAJ SHAAM'
am pray god for ur success
Anonymous said…
aslam-o-alekum iam SYED AHMED ALISHAH from sindh
am as OB editor & PCR CO-ordinator in sindh tv NEWS DEPARTMENT
am apreshed & congratulation for start NEW PROGARAM 'AAJ SHAAM'
am pray god for ur success

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