Continued Suicide attacks in Pakistan & Afghanistan and Missing Soldiers in FATA...

24 FC personnel ‘go missing’
Dawn, October 2, 2007

BANNU: At least 24 personnel of the Frontier Constabulary went missing after militants attacked a checkpost near the Frontier Region of Bannu on Monday evening.

A senior official told Dawn in Peshawar that they had lost contact with the force deployed at the Rocha checkpost near the Bakakhel area after the attack by about 500 armed men. “We don’t know exactly what happened to the soldiers, but we have no communication with them.” He said about 40 paramilitary soldiers were in the checkpost adjacent to North Waziristan.

Sources said the militants attacked the checkpost after Iftar. After a heavy exchange of fire, the assailants captured the post and later escaped taking 24 soldiers with them. Local people said the number of the assailants was between 100 and 150. According to them, the militants had also taken away weapons and communication equipment from the post. At the time of the filing of this report, two other checkposts were under attack in the Frontier Region. There were no details about the attack or casualties

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