Protest - Writing on the Wall

Picture: Daily Times, October 1, 2007


Fahim said…
All torture that had been done on lawyers and journalists is really condemnable. Also read about the situation at the fiollowing links:
Yossri Zarkah said…
29 September manifests how those claiming to have established enlightened moderation in Pakistan gave its goons a free hand to suppress free expression.

Instead of upholding the rule of law, its custodians held up the baton. Instead of tolerating the right to assmble, authorities resorted to the might to disperse.

What kind of accomodation such blantant display of heavy-handedness is supposed to Pakistan to? The series of mishaps from 9 March (GHQ) to 12 May (Karachi) and 10 September (Islamabad Airport) to 29 September (Election Commission) suggest that this bunch is perennially disposed to display power instead of flexibility that any true statesmanship requires.

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