Pakistan: Police Attacks Lawyers & Journalists in Islamabad


Yossri Zarkah said…
The Presidential elections in Pakistan will be free (for coersion) and fair (in display of force). This is the message conveyed to the world on 29 September by the disproportionate use of force against the most moderate, enlightened, well educated elements comprising Pakistan's civic actors.

Whenever, the henchmen of the incumbent find themselves cornered in a narrow alley, all they can think is to act as bull in a china shop. They did not learn any lessons from 9 March. Nor they regret what they allowed to happen in Karachi on 12 May. Why then they complain about the protesting lawyers and journalists?
Anonymous said…
Compare this with the US supereme court ruling 2000 which put Chenney and Bush into the Power. There were no roits, nobody shouted and did curse in the US High court, Just immagine what would if the parties involved took the rule into thier hand at that time. Its sham and shame to the so called "well educated elements comprising Pakistan's civic actors". Or they are still acting. "Civilized and Well educated peoples" does not behave in that kind.

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