"Global conspiracies against Pakistan:" General (retired) Aslam Beg

Global conspiracies against Pakistan
GENERAL (RETD) MIRZA ASLAM BEG: The Nation, September 16, 2007

Only last month, I had tried to identify the web of global conspiracies being woven against Pakistan, with its epicenter in Afghanistan, through an article published in English as well as Urdu dailies. In the same context, this article brings into light its widening circle, in which tragically enough, some of our own people are inexplicably involved. Richard Boucher, on his recent visit to Pakistan reaffirmed: “Musharraf is our favoured person, with whom PPPP and MQM’s collaboration will be our preference.”

As a consequence of this, the drama of Nawaz Sharif’s deportation was enacted on September 10, followed by the visit of Negroponte, who unfolded the specifics of this plan – the Bush Plan. Negroponte’s competence in manipulative politics is no secret, as demonstrated by him in Latin America, Palestine and Lebanon. Chaudhry Shujaat has already warned that the judiciary should refrain from passing such judgments, which may have to be countered through the Parliament and made it very clear, by saying: “Whatever we do Chief Justice comes in the way………. People will shortly hear good news about the affairs of the judges and judiciary.” While Azim Tariq, the minister of state for information speaks a different language. “It is time USA relinquishes its double standards and does not impose Benazir upon us, and compel us to deport Nawaz Sharif.”

When the former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif arrived in Pakistan on September 10, he was subjected to a humiliating treatment, lowering our image as a civilized nation, violating the apex courts’ judgment which had provided the option to Nawaz Sharif to return to his country, with no restriction imposed, because the so called ‘agreement for exile’ was declared inadmissible.

During the past six months, General Pervez Musharraf has committed blunders beginning with the infamous reference against the Chief Justice on March 9; the killing of 12 May at Karachi; the Lal Masjid carnage on July 4 and now the 10th September episode, unnecessarily dragging Saudi Arabia into it, thus adding a new dimension to the conspiracy within Pakistan and outside. Mukeen Bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia and Saad Hariri of Lebanon had specifically flown to Pakistan to ensure Nawaz Sharif’s exile to Saudi Arabia, totally ignoring the fact that the Supreme Court had over ruled its admissibility in view of the Article 15 of the Constitution of Pakistan.

The government of Pakistan’s explanation that Nawaz Sharif was given a choice between deportation to Saudi Arabia and imprisonment in Pakistan, was refuted by Lord Nazir of Great Britain through an affidavit, filed with the petition in the Supreme Court on behalf of Nawaz Sharif. Thus, under the very glare of the electric media, the former Prime Minister was forcefully pushed into the aircraft taking him to Jeddah.

The honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr. Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, has assured that “the imperatives of justice would be met, no matter heavens were to fall.” He had to say this because the sanctity of the judiciary has been tangled and gross violation of human rights are being committed, only to perpetuate the power of General Pervez Musharraf. Whereas, the redeeming factor is that the judiciary is well determined to maintain its independence, and the rising tide of the All Parties Democratic Movement (APDM), will determine the course for the emergence of true democracy in Pakistan.

It is being propagated that the APDM and PML(N) were unable to stir-up people for the agitation on 10 September. Partly true, but this was also the case with the Bar and Bench movement against the reference made on March 9, which gradually picked up momentum, to bring a silent revolution in the country. Similarly, the APDM will be a catalyst to political change in the country, as it represents the four provinces of Pakistan, and provides political space to all the parties, be they religious, nationalists, liberal, secularists or moderate in their orientation. This will help create a sound pluralistic ethos geared towards the attainment of sovereignty of Pakistan.

The people of Pakistan do not respect the policies of USA, in the name of war on terror. Now USA wants to implement the “Bush Plan” and the first step in this direction was to send Nawaz Sharif packing to Saudi Arabia, thus paving the way for Benazir’s return to Pakistan. Due to the inhuman treatment metted-out to Nawaz Sharif, his image has risen.

The world is fully conscious of the independence of judiciary as a landmark achievement. Rule of Law should take its own course now to preserve the rights of the people. But there are attempts to control the judiciary through the power of administration and parliament. Saudi Arabia is a well respected country in Pakistan, but unfortunately the government is using it for its own designs and is ready to over-ride the court decisions. Thus, in this race for democracy and power, the growing confrontation between the judiciary and the executives, leaves far too much in stake for Pakistan.

Yet, it is sincerely hoped that the Bush Plan is re-defined, in the light of the recommendations made by the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) USA: “Specially, the US should take the following initial steps: Redefine the relationship; develop a joint security & development strategy to guide it for the next five years; Improve each country’s understanding of the other at governmental and non-governmental levels and broaden and diversify US partners in the Pakistani government, military, civil society and private sector.”
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I think Pakistan is a country where "Might is Right". There is no judiciary and people are left hopeless....
Anonymous said…
I think Paisatni leadership is corroupt and rotten to the core. Have you ever seen any opposition leader of one country country going to another country and revaling state secrect just to gain power? Whether ist Bad Nazer or Nawaz Ganja or Altaf Kallan. Its shame and time to send these people back to where they belong,
Anonymous said…
How about Nawaz's 400 NY, NY Taxi medalion, each worth 400,000 USD That makes $160,000,000.00. Ask any Nawaz York's Pakistani Cab driver. Looto ji Looto

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