Call for Support to FAFEN - 'Free and Fair Election Network' in Pakistan

Free and Fair Election Network endeavors for:

Mobilization and facilitation of voters particularly from excluded segments of society, to raise their demands for incorporation in the election manifestoes of political parties and for free and fair election;

Advocacy and pressure-building for political parties to grant at least 33 percent election tickets to women;

Advocacy and pressure-building for election authorities to perform their constitutionally determines role of ensuring level playing field for all power contenders in elections;

Advocacy and pressure-building for state institutions and political parties to abide by the Code of Conduct for elections and accept the result of the election to enhance democratic traditions in the country;

Monitoring of post-election performance of elected institutions.

Long-term campaign for electoral and political reforms to attain democratic governance.

See their recent election monitoring reports by clicking here

Contact Details: FAFEN Secretariat
H. 5, St. 58, F-10/3, Islamabad , Pakistan
Telephone: (051) 2299494, 2211875
FAX: (051) 2291547


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