Talibanisation goes on unchecked in Swat Dristrict

Second Editorial: Talibanisation goes on unchecked
Daily Times, August 27, 2007

The video shops of Swat have been closed down by the administration after receipt of threatening letters from unidentified terrorists. The police are wondering who sent them. We can help. It is Fazlullah of the TNSM, the rider on the white stallion whom the police can’t arrest. And who is behind Fazlullah? We can help again. Baitullah Mehsud of South Waziristan who sent the two suicide bombers that targeted Islamabad during the Lal Masjid crisis. And who is behind Baitullah Mehsud? It is Al Qaeda, because it functions as the ruler of South Waziristan on behalf of Osama bin Laden.

But Al Qaeda is not the only Talibanising entity. In Azad Kashmir, NGOs have frequently been driven out by a jihadi militia which the government has allowed to work there. The territory is being claimed. The government should not complain if it loses the territory later on just because it let the people pass under a marauder’s rule in the name of Islam. In this case no locally made cruise missile, costing millions of dollars, will be able to help. *


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