Sectarian Divisions in the Tribal Area Militancy

Waziristan beheading was sectarian
Editorial: Daily Times, august 16, 2007

The latest on the 16 abducted Frontier Corps troops in South Waziristan on Thursday is that one of them has been beheaded. Despite the silence maintained by the kidnappers, it is now known that the captors were a gang belonging to the terrorist Abdullah Mehsud who committed suicide in Zhob recently when surrounded by Pakistan troops.

The Frontier Corps is a paramilitary force recruited from among the tribes of Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). The man chosen for beheading was one Laiq Hussain belonging to the Turi tribe of Parachinar of Kurram Agency. The Turi are the Shia majority community in the city and have been fighting a running battle for their survival with the Sunni Taliban, with a significant spike in killings this year. This reveals the continuing sectarian nature of the Deobandi Taliban and their Al Qaeda masters. *


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