Participation in Lawyers' Movement for the restoration of chief Justice declared Treason!!

2 professors face axe for taking part in lawyers rallies
Rana Latif: The Nation; August 19, 2007

LAHORE-The Punjab Education Dept has served final notice of dismissal from service and personal hearing on Sept 5 to two professors of the department namely,Prof.Nazim Husnain of Islamia College Railway Road and Prof Majid Wazir of Shalimar College.
Nazim is Central President of Punjab Professors & Lecturers Association (PPLA) while Majid Wazir is Secretary PPLA Lahore Chapter.
The notices issued to them by Secretary Education, Ikhlaq Gillani say that their participation in the lawyers movement for reinstatement of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has been proved.
As such they have committed treason and hence are threat to the security of Pakistan and they,therefore,are held liable to face major penalty of dismissal from service.
They have been asked to appear before Additional Secretary (Establishment) Ijaz Ahmad, for final personal hearing.
An inquiry against both the teachers was initiated on May 21.
Prof.Nazim Hussain told The Nation that they and their families had been subjected to mental torture and harassment for three months since initiation of inquiry against them.
Nobody including the Court termed the lawyers movement as unlawful.Even the 13-member Supreme Court Bench which reinstated the CJP never called this movement unlawful, he said.
Lawyers,doctors,professors,school teachers,political workers and persons from all walks of life participated in the movement and he and his companion were no exception,he said,so the case against them was malafide.
‘It is only the court and not the bureaucracy to decide whether they are traitors’.
He appealed to the SC to take suo moto notice of their case, adding, that the teachers community would be ruined at the hands of the bureaucracy, if no action was taken to save them.


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