Role of US media in the "war on terror": Dr. Robert Jensen

‘Support to war on terror US media’s biggest failure’
Daily Times, July 16, 2007

ISLAMABAD: US media is keeping Americans in the dark about the true picture of world affairs and its support to US foreign policy, especially the war on terrorism is one of its biggest failures, said Dr Robert Jensen, professor of journalism at the University of Texas, USA. He was delivering a lecture on ‘Media, Education and the State in Contemporary America: Some Critical Reflections’ at the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) on Monday.

IIUI President Dr Anwar Hussain Siddiqui and a large number of IIUI faculty and local intellectuals attended the lecture.

Jensen rejected the notion that Jews controlled the US media. He said the US media was mostly owned by the corporate sector. Pro-Israeli reporting is due to pro-foreign policy attitude and it has nothing to do with anti-Islamic or pro-Jewish approach, said Jenson.

“Religion has nothing to do with media or foreign policy in the US. America is one of the core supporters of Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and US forces can potentially kill adherents of any religion challenging US economic interests,” he said.

Jensen said loyalty of media to a nation was not justifiable in this era of globalisation where tribes, clans and races were becoming irrelevant and that loyalty to humanity should be the hallmark of people, especially the media. He said the US education system was equally responsible for educating generations not to care for world affairs seriously. Jenson said the war on terror was launched to make the world more secure but it had made the world united on one point and that was to hate America. Jenson said the US would collapse if its self-centred policies of disrupting world peace continued. staff report


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