Musharraf's Speech after Lal Mosque Operation

Following are the salient features of the President of Pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf: The News, July 12, 2007

Lal Masjid operation completed. lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa have been freed from militants.

This is not a day of rejoicing. This is the day of mourning, as we had to launch operation against our own people. Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa have been made a fortified hotbed for militancy.

Lal Masjid people have formed a female brigade; they were snatching weapons; policemen and the foreigners were being kidnapped.

This is not the war to fight against our own countrymen and the Muslims.

I salute the Pak Army , SSG Commandos and Security forces on their successful operation. I am proud of them.

Pakistan stands again at a crucial point.

Ten jawans of Pak Army were martyred and 33 wounded.

I thank Chaudhry Shuja'at Hussain, Abdul Sattar Edhi, ministers and Ulema who performed their duty with responsibility.

I understand the difficulties and hardships faced by the people of G-6 sector of Islamabad.

I pray for the shaheeds of this tragic incident.

Which Islam the extremists present in Lal Masjid were representing.

I pay tribute especially to the anti-terrorist unit of commandos.

This day compels us to think that what we want to do.

Today is not the day of rejoicing. We have not captured an enemy country, as we had to launch operation against our people.

Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa have been made a fortified hotbed for militancy.

Lal Masjid people have formed a female brigade; they were snatching weapons; policemen and the foreigners were being kidnapped.

One Rangers official has been killed in the operation. 75 militants were killed during the operation.

We could have launched the operation earlier, but it might cause the loss of many lives and this would not be any wise decision, either.

During the operation, two thousand women, children and men were taken out and later 1300 were got released.

Before the operation, Chaudhry Shujaat and other people tried for ten days to resolve the issue but the extremists always avoided it.

Dialogue failed just because of Abdul Rasheed Ghazi as he wanted safe passage for himself and his comrades.

This condition was not acceptable for the government and after this the operation was ordered.

The terrorism and extremism have not been eliminated from Pakistan. We have to eliminate this with full determination and we will inshaallah do so.

I know that the sympathizers of the people of Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa are present in FATA and other areas.

When dialogue failed then the operation was started.

The best of our friends China asked us to ensure the safety of their citizens living in Pakistan.

The overall impression which the world receiving from the prevalent situation in Pakistan that the government is party to all this and we were under extreme pressure for the operation.

I was not glad in ordering to kill them; I am not grieved either.

The whole nation including me wished for the early resolution for this standoff.

In future, we will not allow any seminary or mosque to lead the extremist agenda.

I appeal all moderate people to side with us (the government) and come forward to help us in our bid to foil the extremism.

I have always said about the madaris on several platforms including the United Nations that they are the best NGOs.

I will request Wafaqul Madaris to adopt effective strategy so that the people with positive bent of mind may come to the forefront.

The children should be taught the higher values of Islam and their minds should be made free from hatred and violence.

I appeal you to stop the seminaries where the militancy is being taught, as it was your own suggestion.

I pray to Allah to save Pakistan from terrorism.

May Allah let our country exist forever and save us and make Pakistan prosperous.

May Allah let us go on the way of moderation and may save Pakistan.

Pakistan Zindabad

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Anonymous said…
Mushraf did what is right for Pakistan. The Shaytaan Gazi should be dealt long ago. Now he and all the other of his Lal Masjid Shayateens(Satan) are burning in hell. The only other politican who supported this action Bhutto. MMA who is against the whole action stand for Muthida Majlis Assisting Shayteen.
May Allah save Pakistan from Shayteen Like Ghazi bros, and living shayteen Fazal ul Haq, Hussain Qazi(Yazid Qazi) Ganga Lohar and all the other shayateen disguised as "Ulemas"

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