Ghazi Planned to lead Islamic Revolution in Pakistan!

‘Predator buzzed over Lal Masjid’
Daily Times, July 15, 2007

WASHINGTON: An American writer based in Pakistan, who claims to have been a friend of Abdul Rashid Ghazi, has disclosed that on the night of July 8, a Predator drone buzzed over the city of Islamabad. The Predator must have been a US one because Pakistan does not have Predators. The next night, claims Nicholas Schmidle in the Washington Post, that Ghazi took a shot in the leg, refused to surrender and was finally killed. “Over the past year, I’d gotten to know Ghazi quite well. Every few weeks, I would visit him at Lal Masjid to chat about everything from jihad and the Islamic revolution he planned to lead, to our preferred vacation spots and his favorite English authors. We rarely agreed about anything substantive.” khalid hasan


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