Developments in Bajaur

Taliban in Bajaur area ‘enforce Sharia’
By Anwarullah Khan: Dawn, Daily Times, July 14, 2007

KHAAR (Bajaur Agency), July 13: Local traders closed their shops on Friday in response to a call from the local Taliban. All shops, banks and other business centres remained closed. A banker told Dawn that all bank branches had been instructed to observe Friday as weekly holiday.

Meanwhile, the local Taliban held six people on the charge of taking drugs and paraded them naked in a bazaar in Inayat Killey. About 40 armed Taliban addressed people on the occasion.

They asked the people to be prepared for jihad.

They sought local people’s help in curbing crimes and anti-Islamic activities in the area.

They also warned against listening to music, drinking liquor and using drugs and said violators would be given punishment in line with Islamic injunctions.

CDs and cassettes allegedly seized from the area were destroyed on the occasion.


Is it the reaction of Operation Silence?
dev said…
paraded naked in the bazaar.!!

thats a strange punishment.. i mean i don know whether its right or wrong.. but ya a straigt punishment..
Anonymous said…
What Can you expect from these ignorant stupid and Extreamly Abu-Jahal folks can do any thing for thier poisonious anti Islamic activiies. What they are trying to to implement Sharia-e-Bin Laden who is not more than A Great Kaffir. The whole gang of Taliban are Band of Kuffar and should be dealth as so. The Govt should simply uproot them. Simply shave thier beard which these thieves and barbaric murderers does not deserve. The Geo TV station which propagates there poisonous propaganga in the name of "Free Speach" should be dealth the same way as Lal Masjid.

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