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Ex-DIG’s cardiologist flees country after threatening call
By Muhammad Khalid
The News, June 10, 2007

MIRPURKHAS: A well-known cardiologist who conducted medical check-ups on ex-DIG Salimullah Khan in the district jail and had suggested his tests, has left the country after a top political personality of the province allegedly threatened him with dire consequences on telephone.

The cardiologist of the Civil Hospital, Mirpurkhas, had examined Salimullah in the district jail at Khan’s request a few days back and had suggested in writing some tests to be conducted by pathological laboratories.

It apparently annoyed some powers in the Sindh government who did not want any relief for the ex-DIG. Following the incident, a top political personality of the provincial government phoned the heart specialist and threatened him with dire consequences for recommending the tests, which might provide a basis for relief for the former police official during the legal process.

The political personality was quoted as saying: “You will go missing and no one will know where you are.”

While listening to this threatening call, the cell phone fell from the hands of the frightened doctor and the line was disconnected. After some 15 minutes, he received another call from the same person and, before the doctor could clarify his position, the caller was warned, “From right now, you consider yourself suspended and arrested.”

Finding no way out, the puzzled doctor approached some influential politicians and also informed some government agencies about the development. Feeling insecure and apparently frightened as well, the heart specialist left the country in a hurry.

When contacted by The News, he confirmed the incident, saying, “I am leaving for Umrah and don’t know when I will be back. I was threatened. However, due to my position as a government officer, I am not able to stand against the personality who threatened me.”

Civil Surgeon, Dr Roshan Ali Bhatti, told The News that the concerned cardiologist had applied for eight days leave.

APP adds: Second Additional Sessions Judge, Mirpurkhas, Ahmed Luqman Memon, on Saturday adjourned the hearing of ex-DIG Salimullah Khan’s case till July 7.

The former DIG is facing a trial in a case registered against him at the Town Police Station, Mirpurkhas.


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