By Dr Farrukh Saleem
The News, April 29, 2007

On April 20, Islamabad-based newspapers and magazines got some unexpected mail. A letter in the mail read: "Pakistan is an Islamic state and all media organisations have to follow Islamic rules and regulations. If they do not stop carrying vulgar and un-Islamic content every possible step shall be taken to put an end to such practices." The author: Judge, jury and executioner all in one.

Two hundred and sixty kilometres from Islamabad is Lahore. As if on a different planet, Lahore is now home to Porsche Centre. Porsche, the German sports car maker, had projected to sell thirty of their six million rupee, high-performance vehicles in their first year of operation. On April 20, Porsche Lahore announced that they had already sold eighty.

On April 5, Bismillah Khan had also received an unexpected letter. As he opened up, an Rs500 note fell out. The letter read: "You are not living your life as per the prescriptions of Islam. The money is for your heirs to give you a decent burial." On April 8, Mohabat Khan, Bismillah's eldest son, found his father's dead body. There have been Bismillah Khan episodes in Kohat, Mardan, Darra Adam Khel, Tank, Bannu, Lachi, Charsadda and Sherkot.

Lahore, a mere five-hour drive from Kohat, must be on another plant. Lahore is now home to Royal Palm Golf and Country Club, a 140-acre "expanse of rolling greens and stately old trees." On April 8, while Mohabat Khan was dumping his murdered father into a hole, the elite of Lahore's elites, were also chasing holes. In pursuit of their golf-playing pleasures, they sat in Royal Palm's comfy Club House watching the final competitive round of The 2007 Masters. Unreal, isn't it?

On March 9, the Chief Justice of Pakistan was made 'non-functional'. On March 19, Justice Jawad Khawaja of the Lahore High Court resigned. The other ninety-eight judges of Pakistan's superior courts stayed put. Obviously, the system designed by the masters of our state is working just fine; only one of the ninety-nine slipped through the filter. Surely, this isn't a 'judicial crisis' because ninety-eight judges haven't moved, not even an inch.

On March 26, the prime minister of Pakistan met a delegation of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI). At the PM House, the prime minister told FPCCI: "Government believes in the supremacy of law." On March 27, girl students of Jamia Hafsa, a mere three kilometres from the PM House, kidnapped Shamim Akhtar, a 65-year old lady, her daughter, her daughter-in-law and a sixth-month old baby. While the kidnapping ordeal was taking place in Islamabad, Punjab Chief Minister Pervaiz Elahi and Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid were addressing a public rally at Liaquat Bagh. They said: "Rawalpindi was a stronghold of the Pakistan Muslim League."

On April 6, Friday's sermon at Lal Masjid threatened "suicide attacks if the government did not enact Islamic law." While the sermon was being delivered President-General Musharraf addressed ladies gathered to celebrate the World Health Day. The president said: "Healthcare targets under Millennium Development Goals would be achieved ahead of 2015 deadline."

On April 20, Friday's sermon at Lal Masjid stated: "We will not wait more … it will now be Sharia or shahadat." On that day, the President of Pakistan told Al Arabiya Television: "I am willing to travel to Israel to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict."

Unreal. Isn't it?


Anonymous said…
Terrifying - we wait and watch to see whether it is now too late for any form of democracy or whether it will be a stringent martial law or crazed and bloodthirsty killers in the name of wahabbi islam. if musharraf had dealt with these murderers at the time of 911 we might not be facing this horrible choice which is really no choice at all. Women, minorities and educated people of all stripes beware. Those who were complict with Mush will be on the first planes allowing the middle classes and poor to live in the new talibistan............
Anonymous said…

Pakistan to help survivors of Bosnian massacre: Musharraf
Written by pub
Sunday, 29 April 2007
POTOCARI, (Bosnia) April 29 (APP): President Pervez Musharraf has assured that Pakistan would help the survivors of the massacre, committed by the Serb forces in July 1995.During his two-day stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the President, along with the members of his entourage specially traveled by road to Potocari, some 200 km from Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia to offer “fateha” at the graveyard of the 8377, who embraced “Shahadat” in wake of the worst kind of massacre in the human history. He also laid a wreath at their cemetery.

This was the first visit of a head of state from any country.

He met the female survivors of the massacre, who had gathered there to receive him. The families told the President about the ordeals they faced, following the massacre.

President Musharraf, who was accompanied by the member of Bosnian Presidency Haris Saladjic, heard the tales of the families and assured all possible material support to them for their better living.

He was told that the Serbrenica massacre was one of the largest killings in Europe since the World War II. It was estimated there were thousands of killings during the horrific event that took place in recent European history.

Talking to newsmen on the occasion, President Musharraf said his heart is broken and he had no word to express his sad feelings. This genocide of the Muslims was the cruelest act, ever committed in the human history. Such an action could not be expected from the human-beings. This is beyond the limit, one can never think of such brutality, he added.

About the survivors of this big tragedy, President Musharraf said his heart beats with them, having all sympathies. He said he would like to do something for the families of the victims to comfort their living, and to share their sorrow on behalf of the people of Pakistan.

Recording his impression in the Visitors Book,

President Musharraf said, “The stories of the worst inhuman and cruel genocide here in Srebrenica are indeed heart-rending. The heart of all the Pakistani people beat in unison with the survivors of this great tragedy. Pakistan will also do its maximum to assist in amelioration of their difficulties.”

The President prayed that Allah Almighty may give the survivors the courage to bear this loss and survive in these difficult circumstances.

During the visit the President was told that 8377 were identified and buried in Potocari, whereas thousands of the people were still missing.

In this connection, the family members sought the support of the international community to know their whereabouts.

While narrating their sufferings, the families said that the Serbs took away young men and women between the age of 13 and 19 years, brutally murdered them and then buried them in mass graves.

On this occasion, the President kissed some of the children and patted them. He told them that they should not feel alone as people of Pakistan and international community were with them.

Meanwhile, the President had a meeting with the Inter-Religious Council, representing Muslims, Orthodox Christian, Roman Catholic and Jewish. He spoke about the important role of the Council in promoting inter-faith harmony among various religious sects. He also invited them to visit Pakistan.

The members of the council praised President Musharraf for his personal efforts, promoting peace and harmony at the regional and international levels.

The Bosnian people, they said hold him in high esteem for playing a leading role, seeking settlement of disputes through peaceful means and motivating the Muslim countries to take a united stand on the issue of common concern. The Council’s members also lauded Pakistan’s frontline role in the fight against terrorism.

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