Awais said…
hahahahahahahaha..thats so funny. Those guys r from my area..keep it up guys. hahahaha
Imtiaz said…
Pakistan army fought three wars and lost three. Result is 100%. Army wrongly claims victory in 1965 war. Pakistan attacked to take Kashmir and failed to do so. Rest is all rhetoric.

So losing army always recaptures Pakistan and we gullible citizens let them, fault lies with us, not with them.

After losing wars army changed tactics and used Islam to fight its proxy wars in Kashmir by training and sending Mujahiddin in Kashmir and Afghanistan. This has resulted in exporting terrorism throughout the world. Look at all Al Qaeda and non Al Qaeda major terrorist incidents in the world- all are connected to Pakistan.

Pakistan is country, by the army, for thye army. Rest of the world is suffering too now and army basks in taking lions share of foreign aid and budget and by real estate developement.

Inert lazy nation desrves its rulers as they are from amongst us.

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