Musharraf's Threat to Mullahs....

Stop criticising me or face jail: Musharraf to Mullahs
Daily Times, January 19, 2007

ISLAMABAD: Law-enforcement agencies have warned clerics heading seminaries and mosques that they will be put in jail if they take part in “anti-government activities” or speak against President Gen Pervez Musharraf, sources told Daily Times. The sources said that three meetings had recently been held between local clerics and security officials, including from the army. “The clerics were told to stop participating in protest gatherings and giving speeches against the president and government policies, at least till the next general elections,” the sources said. They were told that if they did not stop, cases would be registered against them and they would be put behind bars, said the sources. After warning Islamabad’s clerics, the government intends to spread the message to clerics all over the country. The security officials also told the clerics that they had recordings of their Friday sermons and anti-government speeches at protest gatherings. Besides, the clerics were told that mosques built on encroached land would be demolished, said the sources. The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has issued a notice to the management of Lal Mosque saying it should demolish the building of Jamia Hifsa, a seminary for female students, and Jamia Fareedia, within 15 days, or the CDA would demolish these seminaries itself, the sources said. The sources said that the CDA is also considering demolishing four mosques - Masjid-e-Shuhada, Aabpara, Zia Masjid on Kuri Road, and two near Rawal Dam square - built on encroached land. mohammad imran

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