How to Improve Education Standards?

Dr Mubarik Ali — Historian
Daily Times, OCtober 29, 2006

“We will have to focus on improving research methodology, set up libraries that include international research journals and put in a strong check and balance system to deal with corruption, ignorance and negligence among externals and supervisors, especially at MPhil and PhD levels. We will also need to educate people about copyright laws and plagiarism because without both it is unlikely that our universities and educational institutions will be credible abroad. The recent incidents of plagiarism in Punjab University and Karachi University have earned a bad name for Pakistan’s education system and have tarnished the image of our higher education institutions. Therefore, the government should take action against the culprits and make sure that such incidents never take place in future. We need to develop a sense of topic construction because most Pakistani researchers focus on extensive details, which are based on the history of a character and did not focus on the intensive aspects of a subject. Our externals, supervisors and even students conduct research for social status and economic reasons. A true research based society cannot be set up without making sure that research is strictly for academic reasons. HEC officials did not organise international level conferences and seminars where our researchers can exchange views with people from various countries and educational institution.”


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