A Patriotic Act

Nasim Zehra's Statement Declining Acceptance of Sitara-i-Imtiaz

To protest the dreadful act of the killing of a Pakistani political leader Sardar Akbar Bugti by Pakistan's security forces, I decline to accept the Sitara-i-Imtiaz for which I was nominated by the President of Pakistan on August 14. It is with deep personal regret that I take this decision since national awards are a symbol of honor and a matter of immense pride and gratitude. At this juncture protesting the State's proclivity to opt for use of force to settle complex political problems, must take precedence over matters of personal consideration.

Unfortunately in the latest round of a two year long Baluchistan-Centre crisis those elements finally won on August 26 who all along believed that force was the way to settling the current crisis. The militaristic elements trumped those within the system who were pushing for a political resolution through the Parliamentary Committee on Baluchistan.

Clearly our foremost task in Pakistan is to strengthen civilian political forces which believe in the rule of law and understand the need to resolve Pakistan's internal problems through consensus and reconciliation. In ignoring these principles we have committed three cardinal blunders. First alienation of East Pakistanis leading to the tragic breakup of Pakistan , the judicial murder of an elected Prime
Minister and now the killing of another prominent political leader. We must make every effort to institute the required checks and balances in the exercize of power that would avoid repeat of such blunders.


Anonymous said…
The only solution is this:
save Pakistan break Punjab
save Punjab break Punjabistan.
I think its more than enough Gen.Sultan's bullshit is unaacceptable and this is not1971 we will drain blood out of your vain o you punjabi basterds. We will not forgive you for what you have done to Muslims of sub continent. You filthy race who propagate filth in Heeramandi and brought Qadiyanism and sold your soul dirt cheap to Aghakhani crimanals and for them you want to make a way so you basterds can enjoy wealth of Baluchistan...but we Baloch will die for the honor of our relegion and honor...when we want to set up a business we are not allowed in any other parts of country...not even in Peshawar and these butchers of NWFP occupied our land and still helping Punjabi pigs...we will deal with devil to defeat you....God Willing...Long Live Great Balochistan
Anonymous said…
Mr. or Ms. Balauchistan
Please correct following spelling mistakes.
Anonymous said…
So have any of our journalists ever tried to look at this issue of Punjabi dominance in a systematic manner? As a Punjabi, I don't see Punjab as model of development. There are poor, unemployed, etc. The current President and PM are not Punjabis. If Punjab really is taking the resources of other provinces, then lets have it out in the open. Document it and hold the Punjabis accountable (or force the Punjabis to hold their own elite responsible).

I don't mind breaking up Punjab, in fact I prefer that the district level government be more empowered. The question is, do we just break up Punjab to diminish the Chaudhary control, or do we do the same in other provinces to diminish the Sardar and Wadera control?

Regarding the Baluchi person claiming to drain the blood of punjabi bastards such as my self: Baluchistan (or any province) is not made up of homogenous populations. Once my filthy race is wiped out, once the heera mandi mongers, the qadiyanis and the aga khani criminals are thrown out, what do you think will happen to the Sindhi, Baluchi or the Pathan? What will happen to the tribes other than that of the anonymous writer above? What will happen to any one who disagrees with him (her)?

Could it be that the problems affecting Baluchistan (all of Muslim world actually) are not that every one else is of a filthy race, bent on subjugating us...rather that we don't have our own priorities straight. Perhaps we are in trouble beceause we are quick to get angry, yet pass out of boredom when faced with studying the solutions.

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