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Intelligence reports hurting careers of civilian bureaucrats
By Ansar Abbasi
The News, August 30, 2006

ISLAMABAD: Reports by intelligence agencies continue to cast a shadow over the careers of civilian bureaucrats, the latest evidence of which was provided by the recent high-powered promotion board meetings that recommended supersession/deferment of different officers, who slipped in the eyes of the spies.

Sources said that during its two days (Aug 28-29) consideration of high-level promotions, the Central Selection Board (CSB) superseded or deferred officers on the basis of intelligence reports.

In certain cases, where one or more members of the CSB on the basis of their personal knowledge challenged the credibility of the agencies' reports on officer(s), the board ignored the intelligence stories and recommended the concerned officers' elevation to higher grade.

In some cases, where there was division in the board about the authenticity of the intelligence report, the CSB recommended deferment of the concerned officers.

At the same time, the CSB sought fresh reports from intelligence agencies on the officers for consideration in the next board meeting.

A source said the board discussed the issue of intelligence reports, which, in many cases, are believed to be biased, subjective and not based on fact


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