A Statement From Pakistani-Americans


July 29th, 2006: We condemn the mindless attack on the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle. This is obviously an action of an insane individual. All the undersigned organizations who are representatives of the Pakistani American Community and also American Muslim Organization condemn this individual’s brutal actions and also call for broader dialogue and conversations amongst the religious and cultural communities to pursue understanding, peace and harmony that we continue to enjoy in our homeland.

We must do whatever is in our power to prevent the current conflict in the Middle East from being transplanted to our Country. We foresee the good friendship that the Pakistani Americans and American Muslims enjoy with Jewish Americans to help build an important lasting relationship which would serve as a mechanism to spread peace in the Middle East, rather than the other way round.

Any attack on one place of worship or community is actually an attack on all places of worship and all communities. We urge the law enforcement agencies and the community based organizations to cooperate and exchange information that can be helpful in the future to prevent such hateful acts.

The Undersigned:

Pakistani American Public Affairs Committee

National Council of Pakistani Americans

Association of Pakistani Professionals

Pakistani American Association of North America

American Muslim Peace Initiative

Pakistani American Association of Connecticut

Pakistani American Association of Greater Boston

Pakistani American Congress and sixty (60) other affiliated Pakistani American Organizations


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