Who had appointed him?

Reference the news item below, many a retired and even serving army officials have been appointed in Pakistan on civilian posts in the last 5 years - most on the direct instructions of President Pervez Musharraf. It is indeed a welcome development that an army officer is being taken to task for corruption but it should also be probed who recommended him for this job in the military hierarchy. Only the well connected could get such favors.

Daily Times, April 23, 2006
PM sacks Postal DG for corruption

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz on Saturday sacked Post Office Director General (DG) Brigadier (r) Agha Masoodul Hassan on corruption charges and appointed additional DG Ziaur Rehman Zamir in his place.

Sources in the Communication Ministry said an investigation committee headed by Shahid Jamil, the state minister for communications, had found Hassan guilty on eight charges of corruption. The allegations include establishment of an illegal telephone exchange in the Post Office college, opening of joint accounts, buying fake shares and illegal recruitment in the Post Office.

The prime minister sacked the Post Office director general after receiving the committee’s report. Sources said that Hassan had serious differences with the federal minister for communications. online


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