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Dawn, September 19, 2005
KGB bribed Indira’s ministers: book

NEW DELHI, Sept 18: India’s main opposition party on Sunday called for an investigation into claims made in a new book that the former Soviet Union bribed senior figures of the Indira Gandhi government during the Cold War. Former KGB senior archivist Vasili Mitrokhin wrote in “The Mitrokhin Archive II: The KGB and the World” that the spy agency had bought secrets from Indian cabinet ministers and paid them retainers.

“It seemed like the entire country was for sale,” Mitrokhin quotes then KGB general Olef Kalugnin as saying, describing India as a model for infiltration of a third world government.

Excerpts were published on the front pages of major Indian newspapers on Sunday. The claims were likely to embarrass the ruling coalition headed by the Congress party and supported by the Communist Party of India — the two alleged recipients of KGB largesse.—AFP


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The Indian Congressias or even Pakistani ones couldnt reach into UssRs partnership or 'ghairat' as far as Khyber while i tell in my Lift that KhairBaksh the celeberated Baluch chief only made it as far as Kabul although FM Ayub or Bhutto himself couldnt make it farther than Tashkent and all only for health and prosperity reasons. No Inidian i cant recall making it socially although Faiz Ahmed Faiz won Lenins Award and scores of Indian Secu lari sts could have picked the award but really there hasnt been any partner carousel socially at all.

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