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The news item below is a classic example of state sponsored propaganda. Rather than accepting that something is seriously wrong in Baluchistan that is inspiring Baluchis to opt for violence, the intelligence agencies have yet again started blaming India for such attacks. It also indicates that the official India-Pakistan peace process might be derailed soon.

The News, October 1, 2005
Police find clue to Lahore blasts

Tariq Butt

ISLAMABAD: Police investigators say they have tracked down two terrorists, who bombed Lahore at a couple of places on September 2, killing seven people and injuring dozens others. But they are unable to arrest the culprits despite knowing their hideout, and have sought the assistance of a premier intelligence agency to lay hand on them.

"We are close to catching the terrorists and will, Inshallah, give a good news to the nation," Lahore's Senior Superintendent of Police Aamir Zulfikar told this correspondent in Lahore on Friday.

Another investigator, who didn't want to be named, was sure that Indian hand was behind the September 22 Lahore bombing. Indian Research & Analysis Wing (RAW), which is well entrenched in Afghanistan, hired the two persons from Balochistan to sponsor the terrorist attacks that took place a day after President General Pervez Musharraf flew back from his successful visit to New York, he said.

The investigator believed that India is disturbed over the president's address to the American Jewish Council and Pakistan Foreign Minister's meeting with his Israeli counterpart in Turkey on September 1. What happened in Lahore was a reaction to these developments, he felt.

Punjab police are unlikely to send its team to Dera Bugti to arrest the two Bugtis, who planted the bombs in Lahore. Police took a clue from the chassis number of the bicycle that led them to the accused. They have detected from where the bicycle was bought, from which area of Rahimyar Khan it was loaded on which bus coming to Lahore and who owned it.

Two bomb blasts had taken place in Lahore with an interval of one and a half hour. One was planted beneath the seat of a bicycle near a makeshift food stall outside the boundary wall of the Minar-i-Pakistan park while the second had been placed under a wooden platform of a jewellery shop in Ichhra.

Lahore police believed that the same persons were responsible for both the explosions. The city was hit by a terrorist attack for the first time during the current year. The investigator said that they were looking at the bombing from all angles. He said they would be able to unearth the gang of terrorists after the arrest of the two suspects.


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