Canada selects Pakistan as key development partner

Daily Times, April 21, 2005
Canada selects Pakistan as key development partner

ISLAMABAD: Canada has selected Pakistan as one of 25 development partners in the country’s first fully integrated International Policy Statement tabled by Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Pierre Pettigrew in Ottawa on April 19, a press release said on Wednesday.

“Highlighting Pakistan as a development partner will build upon Canada’s long history of assistance to this country, and will strengthen the impact and effectiveness of future development cooperation,” said Canadian High Commissioner to Pakistan Margaret Huber.

The policy statement sets out a new framework for maximising the effectiveness of Canadian aid. The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) will concentrate its bilateral assistance in 25 developing countries, including Pakistan. Overall, Canada’s international assistance will double by 2010 from its 2001-2002 level.

Canada’s development partnership with Pakistan will target poverty reduction by focusing on good governance, health (including HIV/AIDS), basic education, private sector development and environmental sustainability. Gender equality remains a crosscutting theme throughout Canada’s development cooperation efforts. Development partners are selected based on ability to use aid effectively and greatest need, said the press statement. pr


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